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Sponsored Food Trucks & Free Food For All!

Every day at noon, Lenna walks down the street to have lunch. She meets with her friends Amelie (Uber freight driver) and Sam (VR game developer) at the closest AdStar food truck. 

They’ve checked on the maps through the AdStar app where today’s food trucks are located – at the corner, there is one Indian fusion food truck sponsored by Samsung. If they walk 5 minutes north, they can enjoy the Thin crust pizza truck sponsored by Virgin. And down the Disney store, there is always the Worldfood truck that Disney makes more attractive each day.

Today, they opt for the closest one (Samsung), as they already had Italian with the Google sponsored truck yesterday and Disney is usually too crowded and they are not able to use the fast pass feature (only in the premium version of the AdStar app). 

At the Samsung sponsored truck, there is almost no line, as most of the people have already ordered from the app. When their Indian burgers are delivered, Lenna, Amelie and Sam tear off the recycling paper package with the Samsung logo and VR code on it. 

Sam loves to scan the VR codes to access fun VR videos and coupons. A month ago she participated in a competition and won first prize – the latest Sony bedset (integrating SuperHD loudspeaker connecting with her whole new Enhanced Reality projection system)! 

Before they go back to their respective activities, they stop for a bubble tea at the Baidu coffee and tea truck. Oh, and did I mention they got all this for free?


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