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Rethinking Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the COVID era

Whereas Early Childhood Education (0-8 year-old children) relies on cognitive development, language mobilisation in varied contexts, sensory experiences, social emotional well-being, and moral support, this model of learning has been shattered by the imposed lock-down of students all over the planet during the COVID-19 crisis.

Physically distanced from their teachers and peers, living with parents poorly prepared and ill-equipped, lacking adequate resources, or submersed by technological tools, many young learners have showns signs of anxiety and developed new forms of school phobia.

In California, private schools have established think tanks to prepare for the reopening of institutions, while complying with new hygiene and safety guidelines, and still observing educational requirements for that age group. In certain cases, integrating traditional curriculum with new technology has proven successful. But in other instances, online tools have highlighted the limitations of fulfilling the younger learners’ tactile, social, and emotional needs.

At this point, educators have realized that programs, formats, and resources need a larger adaptation to create tomorrow’s learning plans, in a climate of increased sanitary precaution.

Read the full article (in French) in La Tribune: “Comment repenser l’enseignement expérientiel au-delà de l’écran”.


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