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The Pandemic Home Hotline: Domestic Violence under lockdown

As part of a Pandemic Home project, we have developed three scenarios around three fictional patient personas. The scenarios have been turned into audio dialogues, simulating the dramatic conversation between individuals in distress at their home and mental health hotline responders.

Listen here: Domestic Violence under Lockdown (The Pandemic Home Hotline)

“Veronica is 42 years old. She lives with her husband and three kids (age 4, 9, and 11). She is not working and she is spending most of her days at home. Her husband has always been abusive of her verbally, and even physically violent on a few occasions. He has apologized and seemed to be truly sorry afterwards. She feels like she must constantly try to not upset him and to repress her fears. Now that the kids are at home and her husband is working from home, he is very irritated by the noise and chaos. He cannot go biking as before which helped him release his energy outside. The violence has gradually increased during COVID-19 and she can no longer stand it. Her own home has become an absolute nightmare and she sees no escape. She doesn’t want the kids to be exposed to her distress nor to her husband’s assaults. More and more often she locks herself up in the bathroom and cries and screams. She would like to leave her home with the kids, but she doesn’t know where to go. She is looking for Domestic Violence prevention resources.”


The following audio production focuses on the Mental Health issues linked to the Pandemic Home. To achieve this, we worked with an amazing clinical director named Paul Krauss. We created three scenarios based on three personae and three critical situations: a young man single and living in precarious conditions in an infested home, an 80-year old woman living alone and falling with dramatic consequences, and a mother of three repeatedly abused and assaulted by her husband. With Paul, who supervised a Suicide Prevention hotline and is creating a national violence prevention hotline, and his hotline operator colleagues Katy and Justyne, we have turned these scenarios into audio hotline conversations that aimed to sound genuine. There are three episodes of 6-8 minutes. The intent is to raise awareness, create empathy towards characters, and provide resources to listeners potentially in that type of situation.


Special thanks to Paul Krauss MA LPC (The Clinical Director of the Trauma Informed Counseling Center of Grand Rapids and host of the Intentional Clinician Podcast) for recording and producing the “Pandemic Home Hotline” audio materials. Thank you to Katy Jamarillo, MA LLPC, and Justyne Ortquist, MS, MEd, LLPC for their acting talents and expertise.


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