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The Future of Education: Inspiration from 9 global futurists.

As 24 million children and youth are at risk of dropping out of school as a result of the global health crisis, according to UNESCO, Wellbeing Futurist Tom Meyers at Futurize Yourself et al. shared his inspiration to the students at RNB Global University in Rajasthan, India. He reached out to 8 futurists from all over the world to reinsufflate energy and motivation through a beautifully crafted video.

I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of such a meaningful and purposeful initiative along my amazing foresight colleagues and friends Victor Sarat Catalan Agustin Borrazas Mauricio Hernandez Chirag Tripathi Bernard Moerman Maxine Cunningham Christian Dr. Forstner. Thank you Tom!


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