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Ethics of Wars: Taking Humans out of the Wars of the Future

Watch the replay of our “Ethics and Philosophy of Futures” event dedicated to Wars of the Future, with Rom Gayoso, Ph.D. Chris Mayer and Sylvia Gallusser and the support of the Association of Professional Futurists.

Rom Gayoso gave a thought-provoking presentation and led a profound debate about the use of autonomous weapons, the differences among ethics, legitimacy, accountability, moral obligation, and essence, as well as the notion of “true autonomy” beyond artificial intelligence.

Rom Gayoso is an economist with over 15 years experience in Fortune 500 companies. His work is in econometrics, Monte Carlo Simulations, and scenario planning. His dissertation is in applications of Scenario Planning in geopolitical, biomedical and energy sectors designed to help policymakers make more informed decisions. He is a published author, key note speaker, and regularly contributes to a variety of projects in the foresight/futures arena. Currently he is the editor of the International Market & Competitive Intelligence Magazine.


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