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Futurists of the World Takes on Bioethics

BIOETHICS – What augmentation technology would you like to add to your own body? – How do you feel about germline gene editing and designer babies? – Are you ready to eat lab-grown meat? – In what sense do AI and biotechnology challenge what it means to be human?

On September 9, at the Association of Professional Futurists “Ethics and Philosophy of Futures” meetup hosted by Global Futurist Sylvia Gallusser, we had a deep conversation with Timothy Dolan about Biotech, Business, and Ethics. We evoked “algeny”, the genetic revolution, its unintended consequences, existential threat, and the notion of unambiguous good. Rewatch the session below.

With Victor Sarat Catalan at Using Foresight “Futurists of the World” meetup on September 10, we engaged further around bioethics and how we all feel personally about human augmentation, transhumanism, and ethics of future evolution. We brought the concept of “Ethics ROI”: how can we evaluate and measure the effect of our ethical work? And isn’t it contradictory with the definition of ethics?

Victor captured the essence of our conversation in an article and audio clip (below).

Every Friday, Foresight Advocate Victor Sarat Catalan hosts a Clubhouse conversation with his Using Foresight community. His Futurists of the World room gathered Professional Futurists, Foresight Practitioners, Futures Researchers, Futurologists, Strategic Forecasters, Trend Analysts, and more.


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