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Why Strategic Foresight Matters – And How We Conduct It At Silicon Humanism

Watch the replay of our conversation with Sean Moffitt and Rom Gayoso, Ph.D., where I introduce our mission at Silicon Humanism, how it intersects technology and humanism, is inherently multi-disciplinary, and constitutes an open call-to-action – a call to (re)place the human component at the core of our technological advancements.

The Silicon Humanism approach connects with a notion at the very core of Futures Studies and Strategic Foresight: the notion of agency. We don’t predict the future, we aim to prepare for it and act upon it!

We detail our methodology and illustrate it with the projects we conduct around the #FutureofWork#WellAging#MentalHealth, and #Intergenerational Initiatives, as well as the #Home of the 2020s and the #Sustainability of our #Oceans.

In the interview, Sean also introduces the work Grey Swan Guild is doing in regards to foresight and sensemaking. He also reveals what he is most excited about in the future!

Listen to our Reflections to know more! Thank you Rom and IMCI Magazine for having us on stage!


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Futurist - Futures Thinking & Strategic Foresight

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