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Futures Thinking and The Philosophy of Futures

We are in a time where more and more people are interested in learning what futures thinking is, and how it can be applied. In this episode, Sylvia Gallusser was invited to a live Twitter Space to lead a discussion about the intersection between futures thinking and philosophy.

She gives a brief overview of how philosophy is practiced by people, ethical futures, moral obligations as Futurists, and some things to think about when considering which “future” is more important than others (like the trolley problem).

Listen to the Applying Futures Thinking podcast with Victor Sarat Catalan and Sylvia Gallusser as we discuss “Futures Thinking and the Philosophy of Future(s)”. We investigate our ability to create ethical futures, our moral obligation as futurists, dilemmas around bioethics, AI ethics, as we turn to Greek philosophers, Immanuel Kant, and Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Thank you so much Using Foresight for inviting us on stage!


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