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Indigenous Philosophies & Futures: Pushing the Boundaries of Ethics

“Currently most cultures have submitted to the educational model based on the vision of people as Homo sapiens, being possessed of a distinctly Western rationality that dominates and exploits its environment. This form of instrumental consciousness is trapped by its own internal necessity and cannot escape from the force and form of its own logic. The time is ripe for it to cross-pollinate with other non western epistemes to build into our consciousness the flexibility and vision needed to reinvigorate our emergent global civilization.” (Homo Tantricus: Tantra as an Episteme for Future Generations, by Marcus Bussey)

I am delighted to invite Dr. Marcus Bussey at our “Ethics and Philosophy of Futures” open discussion group with Association of Professional Futurists. He will introduce us to the concept of Homo Tantricus and guide us to shift “from a model of mind based on the Western sapientia of Homo sapiens, to a model of mind founded on the consciousness inherent in the Tantra indigenous to central Asia and the Indian subcontinent.”

He will be joined by Dr. Stefanie Fishel who will lead us through the concept of “Microbial State”. With her, we will explore the metaphorical power of bodies on global politics and the potential for the planet’s future. Prof Ananta Kumar Giri will also share his insights as to how to develop true intercivisational ethics.

Join us Thursday 11/11 at 3pm (PST) for an eye-opening group discussion.


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