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[Future of the Home] QUIZ – What House Are You?

[TAKE THE QUIZ] “What house are you?” In which home environment do you live in and how could you futureproof your current housing? Take this fun 10-question quiz and download the report to check how resilient your home is.

Link to the quiz:

With a Strategic Foresight and Multidisciplinary approach, we have been studying our homes and home life these past two years and published a report on “The Home of the 2020s: How to make our homes more resilient”.

We developed a framework based on Four Archetypes of Future Home:
– The Bunker Home
– The Toxic Home
– The Tetris Home
– The Safe Haven

Are you interested in the future of housing? Five options:

#1 Find out which home archetype is yours thanks to the assessment quiz.
#2 Share your results in the comments, if you wish!
#3 Download our Report on the Home of the 2020s.
#4 Consult with us at Silicon Humanism to discover how to make our future homes more resilient.
#5 Join us this Friday Nov 19, as we will present the results of our research at the #FutureSummit2021


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