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[Artifact from the Future] An Obituary from 2050 to explore the Meaning of Life and the Future of Death

Have you ever wondered how life on earth is going to look like in 2050? The project “One Day in 2050” features news stories from each day of the year 2050 by writers from all over the world. I contributed to the December 8 headline with a special artifact from the future – an obituary from 2050. What does it mean to be a figurehead of the first half of our century? Read my future fiction piece below!

I was especially inspired from my conversations on well-aging and intergenerational initiatives with Geeta Dhir and Rob Tyrie, on diversity and inclusion with Antonia Nicols and Sheila Mullooly, on the our future homes with Sean Moffitt and Emily Watkins, on the future of death with Victor Sarat Catalan and Agustin Borrazas.

Thank you so much Jaume Enciso Cachafeiro for launching the inspiring #onedayin2050 initiative and thank you Peachie Dioquino for the kind recommendation!

Read all the chronicles of 2050 on the One Day in 2050 website and contribute your own headline from the future!


Published by Sylvia

Futurist - Futures Thinking & Strategic Foresight

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