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[Future of Work] The Change Alchemist

We are really fond of Shobhana Viswanathan(she/her)‘s podcast series! The Change Alchemist is an invaluable source of insights on how to deal with change in our professional career and personal life, as individuals and as organizations. It’s based on conversations with thought leaders, scientists, professors, and business leaders on AI, neuroscience, psychology, and business.

Global Futurist Sylvia Gallusser was invited to talk in one of the latest episodes about what  #SiliconHumanism means (both as a concept and a mission), why we need to re-focus on ethics as we consider technological advancement, and what it means to design post-human futures. We also explore the importance of developing a futurist mindset to better accept change in our lives and we share some mental fitness tips to stretch our time horizon…

What better way to start the new year?!


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