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[Future of Work] Silicon Humanism at the HR Hacking Global Online Conference

THE FUTURE OF WORK IS NOW! Join Silicon Humanism at the #HackingHR 2022 – Global Online Conference, March 7-11. Futurist Sylvia Gallusser will be participating in two panels:

– Understanding the ins and outs of how to address #mentalhealth in the #workplace, with Minola Jac

– Understanding the principles of #strategicforesight or how to become an #HRfuturist, with Candace Giesbrecht, CPHR, ACC

The Hacking HR 2022 Global Online Conference “HR Innovation and Future of Work” is the one HR event of the year you can’t miss!

We want to equip you with the tools, information, ideas, stories, knowledge, content, data, experiences and actionable insights. We want you to succeed.

Enrique Rubio has prepared a comprehensive program including: 80+ Certificate Tracks (with three panels each one), Presentations, Roundtables, networking and a lot more. In addition to the main conference, we are integrating the HR Tech Week dedicated to help HR Technology companies connect with investors and potential buyers.

The BIG theme of the conference is “THE PATH FORWARD”: imagining the future, together, and designing how to make it happen from HR.

Join us here:


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Futurist - Futures Thinking & Strategic Foresight

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