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[METAVERSE] The Future of Beauty and Virtual Living

What an enthralling conversation we had with Gina Clifford on the first episode of the newly-launched The OmniFuture podcast dedicated to Virtual Living!

> We scanned over centuries of beauty representation before projecting ourselves into the future of beauty and fashion.

> We wondered what could be the next step of our human relationship to beauty, and how technology is molding our beauty artifacts and representations. What does meta-beauty encompass?

> We discussed the growing role of social media, avatars, digital artifacts, NFTs and the metaverse, as we spend more and more time in virtual worlds.

> We covered ethics, diversity, go-to-metaverse strategy, and more…

“Beauty has gone from translating in exterior artifacts (figurines, jewelry, clothes) to being applied to the surface of the body (makeup, tan, face powder, eyeliner, tatoos) to becoming interior (through plastic surgery and cosmetic prosthesis). So what could come after? Virtual is the answer. We now are trying to transcend the body itself to have beauty artifacts apply even closer to our identity, our true self, our soul… you name it! As if we wanted to gain full control over our physical and virtual representations. As if we wanted to absorb and completely merge with our chosen aesthetics. This transcendence of beauty takes the form of augmented and virtual beauty enabled through AR/VR technology and the ecosystem which is now being built around it – with Web3 and the metaverse.”

Listen to the podcast on your favorite platform!

The OmniFuture podcast is an audio production by Howard Fields and Grey Swan Guild.


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