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The Phygital Vertigo

After 3 years – a global pandemic, life as an entrepreneur, work-from-home – I went back to a corporate workplace last week to discover Accenture‘s gorgeous 5-floor office within the Salesforce tower in San Francisco.

I had the impression to enter the “workplace of the future”, with transparency, biophilia, community, and sustainability at the core. The design of the place is incredibly well-thought, the technology revolutionary, the views vertiginous…!

But the vertigo goes beyond the height. After having been onboarded through Accenture‘s metaverse enterprise platform #TheNthFloor, I now felt like I was extending reality by penetrating the physical version of the virtual office!

Is it how we are going to feel in a future where we start by experiencing metaversial worlds before discovering them for real?

What if we lived in a world where virtual reality was not the extension of the physical world – what if we actually flipped the relationship the other way around?

from: “physical reality > virtual reality > extended reality”
to: “virtual reality > physical reality > extended reality”

So much to envision in how this would change industries like travel, entertainment, education, food, dating… What are your thoughts?


Published by Sylvia

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