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The Metaverse Revolution – and our attachment to physical books!

A Must-Read! Matthew Ball‘s “The Metaverse And How it Will Revolutionize Everything” has become the go-to book for all things metaverse. Not a day goes by, without the colorful book cover brightening my LinkedIn feed! (Thought it was my turn to pay it forward).

And what an exquisite paradox that one of the #1 references to guide us into this new territory is… a physical book! – that we can actually touch and feel, in an IRL environment, leading to vibrant human conversations about our future, here at #Accenture and beyond!

Matthew Ball attempts to define emerging concepts that are often used interchangeably – #Metaverse and #Web3.

“Web3 refers to a somewhat vaguely defined future version of the internet built around independent developers and users, rather than lumbering aggregator platforms such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. It is a more decentralized version of today’s internet that many believe is best enabled by (or at least most likely through) blockchains. This is where the first point of conflation begins.
Both the Metaverse and Web3 are ‘successor states’ to the internet as we know it today, but their definitions are quite different. Web3 does not directly require any 3D, real-time rendered, or synchronous experiences, while the Metaverse does not require decentralization, distributed databases, blockchains, or a relative shift of online power or value from platforms to users. (…)
The Metaverse and Web3 may nevertheless arise in tandem. Large technological transitions often lead to societal change because they typically provide a greater voice to individual consumers and enable new companies (and thus individual leaders) to emerge – many of which tap into widespread dissatisfaction with the present to pioneer a different future. (…)
The principles of Web3 are likely critical to establishing a thriving Metaverse.”

So where do you sit on the #MetaverseContinuum? From reality to virtual and back, in integrated fashion; From 2D to 3D, seamlessly; From reader and consumer, to builder and creator, and across business, technology, and society…


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