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An Ethical Metaverse

The ethical implications of the Metaverse are far-reaching and complex. We certainly shouldn’t underestimate them, but also not turn them into showstoppers as we build the next generation of the Internet. Considering risks, potential harms, and unintended consequences is the first step in creating a responsible metaverse!

I’m very much looking forward to exploring the topic of Metaverse Ethics and Responsible Innovation this Tuesday October 11 with Aaron PulkkaElijah Claude and Felix Hartmann under the thought leadership of my brilliant colleague Nick Rosa!

This #InsightsLive Webinar will investigate the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Metaverse ethics.

We will cover questions such as:

> How much information should be made available to others in the Metaverse?
> What are the implications of sharing personal information in a virtual world?
> Should people be allowed to remain anonymous in the Metaverse?
> What are the limits of free speech in the Metaverse?
> Should there be any restrictions on the type of speech that is allowed in the virtual world?
> Who owns the virtual property in the Metaverse?
> What are the implications of restricting access to the virtual world?
> What should we be hopeful about within Metaverse Ethics?
> What can this ethical debate teach us about the future of the Metaverse and immersive technology?

Thank you so much to AIXR – The Academy of International Extended Reality for setting up the stage for this crucial debate and for inviting me to the roundtable!


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