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Introducing the Metaverse – the need for use cases solving real-life problems!

This past month, I have been busy giving conferences, presentations, podcasts, pitches, and client demos, with a common goal: educate about the metaverse, open possibilities, raise awareness about risks, and overall prepare for the future. 

I have to admit, the best part is when you actually give a taste of the metaverse. When you give it to see, to hear, to feel, to sense… When users are effectively presented with immersive experiences, they start imagining real-life use cases, and this is when the true potential of the metaverse begins to grow roots!

Let’s forget a bit about best-selling metaverse dystopias and think about how extended reality can best serve concrete use cases – from collaborating with international teams on designing new vehicles, to sharing a concert with loved ones living on the other side of the world, to reviving lost memories and healing thanks to VR physical therapy.

What use cases are you most excited about?


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