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Do we need Chief Metaverse Officers?

Will 2023 see the rise of the Chief Metaverse Officer…?

A Chief Metaverse Officer is typically responsible for the development and maintenance of a company’s presence along the metaverse continuum – from virtual worlds and digital twins to AR-powered activations, immersive experiences, and extended reality.

As the Metaverse has begun to grow, larger organizations with more complex metaverse operations have begun hiring dedicated professionals who are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the organization’s metaverse presence. However the role of the Chief Metaverse Officer remains a controversial one… or is it just the naming?

I am very much looking forward to debating with Jay Short, Daniel Colaianni, and Vasilapostolos Ouranis about the role of the Chief Metaverse Officer. Together we will address the following:

– What is actually a Chief Metaverse Officer?
– How does a day in the life of a Chief Metaverse Officer look like?
– Is the role a long-term position or will it eventually branch out as Metaverse expands?
– What are career paths to becoming a Chief Metaverse Office?
– Is there a true need for the role or has it been established as a way for companies to promote their work in the Metaverse?

Join us for another exciting Great Debate with AIXR – The Academy of International Extended Reality on January 17 at 11am (PST). The event is online and free.


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