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A Metaverse Christmas?

Despite the cost-of-living crisis, the Meta Quest series performs well when it comes to tech gifts this Holiday season after recent price drops around Black Friday and the launch of the latest Quest Pro. If this series of device opens the door of the more and more mainstream “metaverse”, parents are being urged to familiarizeContinue reading “A Metaverse Christmas?”

[Future of the Home] “Encanto” or the coming-of-age tale of a house

The latest Disney movie, Encanto, is not as much driven by a princess-like character as by an enchanted home. The Madrigal house is the core character and, to my eyes, the true heroine of the movie. I won’t spoil the plot here nor reveal all the magical gifts of the Madrigal family members (fifteen goodContinue reading “[Future of the Home] “Encanto” or the coming-of-age tale of a house”

[The Future of Holidays] Christmas in 2040

How will Santa look like in 2040? Will we still celebrate Christmas at home with family or in the metaverse with friends and celebrities? What kind of presents will we choose and who will deliver them? Steve Wells offers a podcast series on Christmas 2040 dedicated to exploring the future of the tradition. Global FuturistContinue reading “[The Future of Holidays] Christmas in 2040”

[Future of the Home] QUIZ – What House Are You?

[TAKE THE QUIZ] “What house are you?” In which home environment do you live in and how could you futureproof your current housing? Take this fun 10-question quiz and download the report to check how resilient your home is. With a Strategic Foresight and Multidisciplinary approach, we have been studying our homes and home lifeContinue reading “[Future of the Home] QUIZ – What House Are You?”

Future Summit November 15-21

How does “home” look like in the future? What are the impacts of new trends in sustainability or demography? And what transformations has the pandemic brought to housing and homes? Futurist Sylvia Gallusser will join the #FutureSummit2021 with a presentation on “Four archetypes of the Future Home”. Thank you Ciprian Stanescu for having us! The Future Summit is organized by Social InnovationContinue reading “Future Summit November 15-21”

Past, Present, and Future of Family

This is an excerpt of Making Sense of the Week That Was #42: The Past, Present, and Future of Family led by editor Sylvia Gallusser and Lindsay Fraser. The TV series All in the Family debuted in 1971 and remained for 5 years the most-watched show on television. It was groundbreaking for openly talking about serious issuesContinue reading “Past, Present, and Future of Family”

Who is Global Futurist Sylvia Gallusser?

This is an excerpt from the article Eight Questions With Featured Grey Swan Guild Member: Sylvia Gallusser Global Futurist — Founder & CEO @Silicon Humanism, Board Member @Grey Swan Guild, Mentor @Sustainable Ocean Alliance Our Eight Questions is part of our ongoing series profiling some of the amazingly talented members of our global Grey Swan Guild and get behindContinue reading “Who is Global Futurist Sylvia Gallusser?”

Future Homes – At Home in the Post-Pandemic Era

Rom Gayoso, Editor of the newly launched International and Competitive Intelligence Magazine, invited Futurist Sylvia Gallusser to present her foresight methodology and the results of her work on the “Home of the 2020s”. In her article “Futures Homes – At Home during the Post-Pandemic Era”, Sylvia introduces her X-ing from home framework including 3 post-pandemicContinue reading “Future Homes – At Home in the Post-Pandemic Era”

The Pandemic Home Hotline: Domestic Violence under lockdown

As part of a Pandemic Home project, we have developed three scenarios around three fictional patient personas. The scenarios have been turned into audio dialogues, simulating the dramatic conversation between individuals in distress at their home and mental health hotline responders. Listen here: Domestic Violence under Lockdown (The Pandemic Home Hotline) “Veronica is 42 years old.Continue reading “The Pandemic Home Hotline: Domestic Violence under lockdown”

How future-thinking may influence our Psychology and Philosophy?

“Have you ever heard of people that are paid to contemplate the future? It’s true! They exist. They are called Futurists. They even have their own training and schools they attend. And no, they are not psychics. They utilize analysis of big data, trends, and other mental exercises to predict multiple models of possible futuresContinue reading “How future-thinking may influence our Psychology and Philosophy?”

“Leisuring” from Home: The Future of Social Life, Entertainment, and Culture?

“All of man’s misfortune comes from one thing, which is not knowing how to sit quietly in a room.” – Pascal, Pensées (1670) “The only good thing for man is to be diverted so that he will stop thinking about his circumstances.” – Pascal, Pensées (1670) Philosophy of the Bedroom and Home Entertainment In his Pensées, French philosopher Blaise Pascal introduces usContinue reading ““Leisuring” from Home: The Future of Social Life, Entertainment, and Culture?”

Growth, Collapse, Constraint, and Transform

In the Episode #16 Part 1 of Future Hacker, our Silicon Humanism Founder Sylvia Gallusser addresses the following topics: Becoming a foresight practitioner and developing a futurist mindset; The impact of the pandemic on the next generation, social inequalities, and mental health issues; The future of work, key success factors for remote work, and theContinue reading “Growth, Collapse, Constraint, and Transform”

Future Hacker Interview

Don’t miss Future Hacker‘s latest interview with Global Futurist Sylvia Gallusser. Along with the fantastic Maria Athayde, our Silicon Humanism Founder discusses the long-lasting effects of the pandemic on children and women, key success factors for remote work, as well as the future of well-aging, ethics in science, and space travel! Listen to this two-episode conversation on your prefered podcastContinue reading “Future Hacker Interview”

The TETRIS Home Life Style

My life has become a Tetris game. Not the Gameboy one I played in the 1990s. More like the 3-D version with its colored blocks falling at warp speed. But if you lose at Tetris, you miss your place on the podium. If you missed too many tiles in your home life, you can reallyContinue reading “The TETRIS Home Life Style”

Embracing Our Local Economy

The following text is the opening statement held by Sylvia Gallusser in defense of our local economy during the Great Grey Swan Debate. 1. We are social animals.  Do you know that song Where Everybody Knows Your Name? There is a part of us which is just like a Cheers character, who likes to have theirContinue reading “Embracing Our Local Economy”

2021: A Breath Odyssey

2020 had been a whirlwind of a journey through an oxygen-deprived world. A journey that kicked off with breath-taking hearings, indicators of the contaminated atmosphere. A journey during which we were blind-sighted by a novel virus, forcing us to hold our breaths for a prolonged apnea our species was not equipped for. A journey duringContinue reading “2021: A Breath Odyssey”

The Lone Leader

This text is a fiction piece addressing the topic “Emergent Leadership in the Wake of a Pandemic” and focusing on defining one’s identity as a leader in the new paradigm. The fiction illustrates what it is like to be an entitled leader and still feel lonely and useless, as remote work has overly exposed usContinue reading “The Lone Leader”

We (Will) Remain Social Animals

This text has been originally published on the Grey Swan Guild’s website. Read it in full. The COVID crisis has separated individuals in many ways, but even when distant, human beings are resourceful and inventive at connecting. All along the human life cycle, literally from cradle to grave, the pandemic has highlighted that we cravedContinue reading “We (Will) Remain Social Animals”

Rethinking Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the COVID era

Whereas Early Childhood Education (0-8 year-old children) relies on cognitive development, language mobilisation in varied contexts, sensory experiences, social emotional well-being, and moral support, this model of learning has been shattered by the imposed lock-down of students all over the planet during the COVID-19 crisis. Physically distanced from their teachers and peers, living with parentsContinue reading “Rethinking Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the COVID era”