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Friends of the Metaverse – Season of Innovation 2023!

🎉 I am so honored to join Friends of the Metaverse® for the upcoming SEASON OF INNOVATION 2023, including: 🔶 Louis Rosenberg, Unanimous AI🔶 David Palmer, Vodaphone Business🔶 Mischa Dohler, Ericsson🔶 Sasha Wallinger, Blockchain Style Lab🔶 Sylvia Gallusser, Accenture🔶 Alan Smithson 🚀, METAVRSE Thank you so much Lisa M. Lum for the invitation and Sasha Wallinger for the recommendation! Looking forward to this exceptional event! Stay tunedContinue reading “Friends of the Metaverse – Season of Innovation 2023!”

The 6-month Revolution of Generative AI

It has been an almost impossible exercise to capture all the trends and signals related to Generative AI these past 6 months, to encapsulate them in an exhaustive consistent narrative as the news is being created, and to relay them to you in a meaningful way. Generative AI has become the pet peeve of theContinue reading “The 6-month Revolution of Generative AI”

Generative AI and the Future of the Metaverse

By Sylvia Gallusser – Global Futurist @ Silicon Humanism, Tech Innovation Strategist @ Accenture These past years, with the massive development of social media, personalization, and omnichannel strategies, marketing and creative teams have been under more pressure to create assets and deliver more campaigns, faster than ever before. But creating high-quality content requires time, cost,Continue reading “Generative AI and the Future of the Metaverse”

Do we need Chief Metaverse Officers?

Will 2023 see the rise of the Chief Metaverse Officer…? A Chief Metaverse Officer is typically responsible for the development and maintenance of a company’s presence along the metaverse continuum – from virtual worlds and digital twins to AR-powered activations, immersive experiences, and extended reality. As the Metaverse has begun to grow, larger organizations withContinue reading “Do we need Chief Metaverse Officers?”

Looking Back at 2023 (…from Year 2033!) 

The Burgeoning Reality Continuum A future-backward perspective by Sylvia Gallusser, Global Futurist @Silicon Humanism, Metaverse Business Strategist @Accenture When I look back to the year 2023, I can think of a distinctive emerging trend that really caught my attention. Disclaimer — I might be biased here as my focus is on technology and I am both aContinue reading “Looking Back at 2023 (…from Year 2033!) ”

Introducing the Metaverse – the need for use cases solving real-life problems!

This past month, I have been busy giving conferences, presentations, podcasts, pitches, and client demos, with a common goal: educate about the metaverse, open possibilities, raise awareness about risks, and overall prepare for the future.  I have to admit, the best part is when you actually give a taste of the metaverse. When you giveContinue reading “Introducing the Metaverse – the need for use cases solving real-life problems!”

[FUTURE OF METAVERSE] How Will The Metaverse Evolve Our Human Experience?

If you are curious to explore “How the Metaverse will evolve our Human Experience“, have a look at the presentation Metaverse Futurist Sylvia Gallusser gave at APF’s Global Virtual Conference dedicated to the “Futures of Human Experience.” First we introduced the Metaverse beyond Meta, acknowledging the role Meta has played into galvanizing the ecosystem, butContinue reading “[FUTURE OF METAVERSE] How Will The Metaverse Evolve Our Human Experience?”

Who is Global Futurist Sylvia Gallusser?

This is an excerpt from the article Eight Questions With Featured Grey Swan Guild Member: Sylvia Gallusser Global Futurist — Founder & CEO @Silicon Humanism, Board Member @Grey Swan Guild, Mentor @Sustainable Ocean Alliance Our Eight Questions is part of our ongoing series profiling some of the amazingly talented members of our global Grey Swan Guild and get behindContinue reading “Who is Global Futurist Sylvia Gallusser?”

The Future of Education: Inspiration from 9 global futurists.

As 24 million children and youth are at risk of dropping out of school as a result of the global health crisis, according to UNESCO, Wellbeing Futurist Tom Meyers at Futurize Yourself et al. shared his inspiration to the students at RNB Global University in Rajasthan, India. He reached out to 8 futurists from allContinue reading “The Future of Education: Inspiration from 9 global futurists.”

Future Homes – At Home in the Post-Pandemic Era

Rom Gayoso, Editor of the newly launched International and Competitive Intelligence Magazine, invited Futurist Sylvia Gallusser to present her foresight methodology and the results of her work on the “Home of the 2020s”. In her article “Futures Homes – At Home during the Post-Pandemic Era”, Sylvia introduces her X-ing from home framework including 3 post-pandemicContinue reading “Future Homes – At Home in the Post-Pandemic Era”

The Grey Swan Guild News Wrap — The Week That Was, May 28, 2021

Grey Swan Guild â€” News Wrap Edition: #19 of Vol. 1 These are a series of stories and headlines we are tracking in theGrey Swan Guild’s Global League of Sensemakers Newsroom. Here is The Great, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of what we observed this week. Despite our eager impatience to learn what happens during the Friends Reunion,Continue reading “The Grey Swan Guild News Wrap — The Week That Was, May 28, 2021”

What Futurists Can Bring To Entrepreneurs (and vice-versa)

During this SuperBinar, we investigated how entrepreneurs can leverage foresight to conduct their business to success, we explore commonalities between Go-To-Market Strategy and Strategic Foresight, and how to combine them to be prepared for our possible futures.

Growth, Collapse, Constraint, and Transform

In the Episode #16 Part 1 of Future Hacker, our Silicon Humanism Founder Sylvia Gallusser addresses the following topics: Becoming a foresight practitioner and developing a futurist mindset; The impact of the pandemic on the next generation, social inequalities, and mental health issues; The future of work, key success factors for remote work, and theContinue reading “Growth, Collapse, Constraint, and Transform”

Future Hacker Interview

Don’t miss Future Hacker‘s latest interview with Global Futurist Sylvia Gallusser. Along with the fantastic Maria Athayde, our Silicon Humanism Founder discusses the long-lasting effects of the pandemic on children and women, key success factors for remote work, as well as the future of well-aging, ethics in science, and space travel! Listen to this two-episode conversation on your prefered podcastContinue reading “Future Hacker Interview”

Embracing Our Local Economy

The following text is the opening statement held by Sylvia Gallusser in defense of our local economy during the Great Grey Swan Debate. 1. We are social animals.  Do you know that song Where Everybody Knows Your Name? There is a part of us which is just like a Cheers character, who likes to have theirContinue reading “Embracing Our Local Economy”

2021: A Breath Odyssey

2020 had been a whirlwind of a journey through an oxygen-deprived world. A journey that kicked off with breath-taking hearings, indicators of the contaminated atmosphere. A journey during which we were blind-sighted by a novel virus, forcing us to hold our breaths for a prolonged apnea our species was not equipped for. A journey duringContinue reading “2021: A Breath Odyssey”

Generation Zoom children learning about their roots

This text is an excerpt from the Chapter “The Generation Zoom Classroom” published in the book “Aftershocks & Opportunities: Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future” by Fast Future Publishing. If you enjoy the text, feel free to read the full chapter and the entire collection of chapters, available on Fast Future Publishing’s store and on Amazon.Continue reading “Generation Zoom children learning about their roots”

We (Will) Remain Social Animals

This text has been originally published on the Grey Swan Guild’s website. Read it in full. The COVID crisis has separated individuals in many ways, but even when distant, human beings are resourceful and inventive at connecting. All along the human life cycle, literally from cradle to grave, the pandemic has highlighted that we cravedContinue reading “We (Will) Remain Social Animals”

Rethinking Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the COVID era

Whereas Early Childhood Education (0-8 year-old children) relies on cognitive development, language mobilisation in varied contexts, sensory experiences, social emotional well-being, and moral support, this model of learning has been shattered by the imposed lock-down of students all over the planet during the COVID-19 crisis. Physically distanced from their teachers and peers, living with parentsContinue reading “Rethinking Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the COVID era”

The Job Market and the Future of Work after COVID

Sylvia Gallusser talks to Akanksha Kulkarni about transhumanism, the future of the mind and how to develop a futurist mindset. Watch the entire episode on peopleHum’s Leadership video series to know more. [Transcript] We don’t have the full picture yet, but things are changing, work is changing, organizations are changing, employee behaviors are changing, theContinue reading “The Job Market and the Future of Work after COVID”