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[TOP 10 Innovations at CES 2022] Tech gets humanized!

Tech gets humanized at CES 2022! The Wunderman Thompson report of CES 2022 key trends underlines that despite a mostly digital participation (40,000 in-person participants vs. 171,000 at latest edition in 2020), technology is becoming more human-centered.

At Silicon Humanism we are particularly attentive, hopeful, and eager to follow the development of:

1. Multisensory Metaverse

  • Shiftall, a Panasonic subsidiary, presented a hot and cold simulator for virtual reality.
  • Procter & Gamble’s digital experience BeautySphere featured immersive storytelling.
  • Owo won a CES innovation award for their wireless wearable vest that makes you feel as if you are catching a ball or getting hit, and even being hugged!

2. Tech-cessibility

  • Biped introduced a smart harness for blind and visually impaired people, using 3D cameras to monitor the environment and detect obstacles, warning the wearer of potential collisions using 3D sounds transmitted through bone conduction earphones.
  • Samsung’s smart TVs include accessibility-enhancing functionalities such as a voice guide, an avatar sign language guide, SeeColors to optimize color calibration for people with color viewing deficiency, and auto caption position.
  • OrCam won a CES innovation award for its camera that clips to glasses to help visually impaired people identify and interpret facial expressions.

3. Smart Homes

  • Samsung created a customizable digital home My House accessible via the Zepeto app, where visitors can test out virtualized home products, from their Frame TV to their AirDresser clothes-sanitizing wardrobe.
  • Masonite introduced a residential smart door, complete with an integrated Ring doorbell, Yale smart lock, and lights and sensors connected to the home’s electrical system and wifi network.
  • Matter unveiled a platform for smart home interoperability, turning connected homes into interconnected homes.
  • Samsung introduced the first TV screen-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator in partnership with Nifty Gateway, that lets you browse, purchase, and display your favorite art all in one place.

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