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[FUTURE OF METAVERSE] How Will The Metaverse Evolve Our Human Experience?

If you are curious to explore “How the Metaverse will evolve our Human Experience“, have a look at the presentation Metaverse Futurist Sylvia Gallusser gave at APF’s Global Virtual Conference dedicated to the “Futures of Human Experience.”

  • First we introduced the Metaverse beyond Meta, acknowledging the role Meta has played into galvanizing the ecosystem, but also detailing the different layers of the Metaverse Engine, aka the Building Blocks of the Metaverse.
  • We zoomed on Go-to-Metaverse Strategy with a few Metaverse Brand Activations that are inspiring for brands willing to develop an Omnichannel Strategy and reaching a GenZ audience, such as Coca Cola, Nike, and Gucci.
  • We then focused on the many Metaverse Activation Levers to evolve our Human Experience, from Embodiment, Universality, and Self Expression, to Prosperity, and Empathy.
  • We discussed the necessity and ambition to build an Ethical Framework and define a Governance for the Metaverse, with a focus on Safety, Privacy, Equality, Diversity, Mental Health, and Cognitive Biases.
  • We finally introduced great Strategic Foresight frameworks to think about Future Scenarios of the Metaverse, wondering about driving dimensions such as Convergent/Separate and Open/Proprietary, and the conditions for a Mindful Metaverse.

The replay of all the talks are available on APF EXPLORING NEXT event platform.

Thank you so much APF for hosting such conversations!


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