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Speculative Optimism: Being a Centenarian

Just sharing one of my Flashes from the Future. I love to explore the many dimensions of well-aging as an holistic approach, based on Physical exercise, Mental exercise, Connection to nature, Art therapy, Social interaction, Community bonding, Work/feeling useful, Intergenerational activities, Spiritual openness, Meditation/mindfulness, etc. All this being available to most of us, even before engaging in medicine/chemicals, surgery, biotechnology, and transhumanism. In this short Flash I include some of these components. What do you think of this future? How does your own old age look like?

I am turning 100 in a month. I just took part in the Centenarian Olympics and won a gold medal. My body is hurting from everywhere, I feel sore but alive. I have been running all my life, but since I retired, my well-aging coach helped me take exercizing even more seriously in hope to prolong my life expectancy and quality of (end of) life. It looks like it worked so far. This afternoon we are celebrating with my team mates. Some of us have prosthesis. One of us has an exoskeleton controlled by mind since Lou Gehrig’s disease paralyzed him. We live in a senior village where the younger generation (the 70-80 year-old) helps us deal with some daily errants and technology issues. I can’t wait for the celebration. Village volunteers set up a new piezoelectric dance floor, so we will be able to produce and store energy for the upcoming winterstorm season…

NB: My own grandmother Helene just turned 93. She still sings, dances, takes part in all of her senior residence activitIes, and is always joyful as she welcomes newcomers. She reads aloud stories to kindergartners. She is a beta tester of new technology such as the electronic magnifier. She bikes one hour a day from her room. She is even a ping pong champion! She recently contributed to the fantastic book by Michel Suzzarini Il n’est jamais trop tard (“It is never too late…”). My grandmother Helene is my hero! Happy Women’s Day and happy birthday to my favorite ancestress!


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