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Human Progress and the Programmable World

Exciting news! 🎉 I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining the panel for the upcoming Human Progress and the “Programmable World” #InsightsLive Webinar, hosted by AIXR. As the programmable world continues to revolutionize our lives, let’s dive in virtual worlds, extended reality, web3, generative AI, human/computer interfacing, and the future of the metaverse! I amContinue reading “Human Progress and the Programmable World”

Generative AI and the Future of the Metaverse

By Sylvia Gallusser – Global Futurist @ Silicon Humanism, Tech Innovation Strategist @ Accenture These past years, with the massive development of social media, personalization, and omnichannel strategies, marketing and creative teams have been under more pressure to create assets and deliver more campaigns, faster than ever before. But creating high-quality content requires time, cost,Continue reading “Generative AI and the Future of the Metaverse”

[Future of Work] The Change Alchemist

We are really fond of Shobhana Viswanathan(she/her)‘s podcast series! The Change Alchemist is an invaluable source of insights on how to deal with change in our professional career and personal life, as individuals and as organizations. It’s based on conversations with thought leaders, scientists, professors, and business leaders on AI, neuroscience, psychology, and business. Global Futurist SylviaContinue reading “[Future of Work] The Change Alchemist”

[Futures Literacy] Can Futurists change the World?

Do you believe that Futurists can change the world? Then, what is their secret Innovation Experts Elodie HUGHES and Nash HUGHES asked the question to Global Futurist Sylvia Gallusser. In the latest issue of their newsletter, Sylvia tells us all about her day-to-day as a futurist, as well as about her projects and wishes for 2022! Her top priorities include:Continue reading “[Futures Literacy] Can Futurists change the World?”

[Futures Thinking] 12 Mental Fitness exercises to stretch your Time Horizon!

Global Futurist Sylvia Gallusser likes to say that “the human brain is the best time travel machine”. But this is a skill we need to develop. Here are easy mental fitness exercises she recommends to conduct in your daydreaming or everyday activities in order to stretch your time horizon:  Go outdoors: keep your brain oxygenatedContinue reading “[Futures Thinking] 12 Mental Fitness exercises to stretch your Time Horizon!”

Biotechnology, bioengineering, and bioethics

Watch the replay of our “Ethics and Philosophy of Futures” event dedicated to Biotechnology, Business, and Ethics with Timothy Dolan, Sylvia Gallusser and the support of the Association of Professional Futurists.

Futurists of the World Takes on Bioethics

BIOETHICS – What augmentation technology would you like to add to your own body? – How do you feel about germline gene editing and designer babies? – Are you ready to eat lab-grown meat? – In what sense do AI and biotechnology challenge what it means to be human? On September 9, at the Association ofContinue reading “Futurists of the World Takes on Bioethics”

Disrupting Existence: The Future Me!

Rewatch Roger Spitz’s lecture at #QuantumThinking2021 and the debate that follows with Sylvia Gallusser, Ligia Zotini Mazurkiewicz and Lala Deheinzelin on the topic of “Disrupting Existence: The Future Me”. We discussed possibilities offered by emerging technologies, human-tech relationships, space travel, ethics and philosophy. We wondered about our future selves, but also about our future “us”! Thank you so much Maria Athayde, Andre Chaves, and FutureContinue reading “Disrupting Existence: The Future Me!”

The Pandemic Home Hotline: Domestic Violence under lockdown

As part of a Pandemic Home project, we have developed three scenarios around three fictional patient personas. The scenarios have been turned into audio dialogues, simulating the dramatic conversation between individuals in distress at their home and mental health hotline responders. Listen here: Domestic Violence under Lockdown (The Pandemic Home Hotline) “Veronica is 42 years old.Continue reading “The Pandemic Home Hotline: Domestic Violence under lockdown”

How future-thinking may influence our Psychology and Philosophy?

“Have you ever heard of people that are paid to contemplate the future? It’s true! They exist. They are called Futurists. They even have their own training and schools they attend. And no, they are not psychics. They utilize analysis of big data, trends, and other mental exercises to predict multiple models of possible futuresContinue reading “How future-thinking may influence our Psychology and Philosophy?”

The Importance of Future-proofing your Business

How can corporate leaders and entrepreneurs use foresight technics and include futurists in their team to future-proof their business? Discover the futurist profession and its many applications in the business world! With Lea Scher, Co-founder at Future Agency, Futurist Sylvia Gallusser introduces the Strategic Foresight methodology and discusses the urge for businesses to engage inContinue reading “The Importance of Future-proofing your Business”

The Grey Swan Guild News Wrap — The Week That Was April 9, 2021

Edition: #12 of Vol 1 These are the series of stories and headlines we are tracking in the Grey Swan Guild’s Global League of Sensemakers’ Newsroom. The selection and the news wraps are intended to shed light and a new lens on a complicated and complex world week. April is National Poetry Month. On this 25th anniversaryContinue reading “The Grey Swan Guild News Wrap — The Week That Was April 9, 2021”

The Pandemic Home Hotline: Aging in Place in times of COVID

As part of a Pandemic Home project, we have developed three scenarios around three fictional patient personas. The scenarios have been turned into audio dialogues, simulating the dramatic conversation between individuals in distress at their home and mental health hotline responders. Listen here: Aging in Place in times of COVID (The Pandemic Home Hotline) “Mary AnnContinue reading “The Pandemic Home Hotline: Aging in Place in times of COVID”

Speculative Optimism: Being a Centenarian

Just sharing one of my Flashes from the Future. I love to explore the many dimensions of well-aging as an holistic approach, based on Physical exercise, Mental exercise, Connection to nature, Art therapy, Social interaction, Community bonding, Work/feeling useful, Intergenerational activities, Spiritual openness, Meditation/mindfulness, etc. All this being available to most of us, even beforeContinue reading “Speculative Optimism: Being a Centenarian”

What Futurists Can Bring To Entrepreneurs (and vice-versa)

During this SuperBinar, we investigated how entrepreneurs can leverage foresight to conduct their business to success, we explore commonalities between Go-To-Market Strategy and Strategic Foresight, and how to combine them to be prepared for our possible futures.

A Holistic Approach to Well-Aging

In the Episode #16 Part 2 of Future Hacker, our Silicon Humanism Founder Sylvia Gallusser addresses the topics of abolishing aging, rejuvenation biotechnology, ethics in scientific progress, treatment availability and inclusivity, as well as a holistic approach of well-aging. You will find below the transcript of the conversation. Our very first international interview was with Dr. Aubrey de Grey aboutContinue reading “A Holistic Approach to Well-Aging”

Growth, Collapse, Constraint, and Transform

In the Episode #16 Part 1 of Future Hacker, our Silicon Humanism Founder Sylvia Gallusser addresses the following topics: Becoming a foresight practitioner and developing a futurist mindset; The impact of the pandemic on the next generation, social inequalities, and mental health issues; The future of work, key success factors for remote work, and theContinue reading “Growth, Collapse, Constraint, and Transform”

Future Hacker Interview

Don’t miss Future Hacker‘s latest interview with Global Futurist Sylvia Gallusser. Along with the fantastic Maria Athayde, our Silicon Humanism Founder discusses the long-lasting effects of the pandemic on children and women, key success factors for remote work, as well as the future of well-aging, ethics in science, and space travel! Listen to this two-episode conversation on your prefered podcastContinue reading “Future Hacker Interview”

Future of Work: How to Make Remote Work Actually Work?

Foresight Researcher Sylvia Gallusser at Silicon Humanism (California) and Futures Studies Professor David Kalisz at Paris School of Business (France) have just published a white paper on remote work. We conducted an analysis on key success factors of working-from-home as a dominant culture – why is it inscribed in California workers’ culture and why areContinue reading “Future of Work: How to Make Remote Work Actually Work?”

Well-Aging: How Close Are We To Abolishing Aging?

Well-Aging designs the process of aging while preserving one’s well-being. The challenge behind Well-Aging resides in the fact that we do not only wish for the individuals of our species to live longer, but mainly to live longer in improved health conditions and in a satisfactory social-emotional environment. It relies on the belief that theContinue reading “Well-Aging: How Close Are We To Abolishing Aging?”