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A Metaverse Christmas?

Despite the cost-of-living crisis, the Meta Quest series performs well when it comes to tech gifts this Holiday season after recent price drops around Black Friday and the launch of the latest Quest Pro. If this series of device opens the door of the more and more mainstream “metaverse”, parents are being urged to familiarizeContinue reading “A Metaverse Christmas?”


The Metaverse Revolution – and our attachment to physical books!

A Must-Read! Matthew Ball‘s “The Metaverse And How it Will Revolutionize Everything” has become the go-to book for all things metaverse. Not a day goes by, without the colorful book cover brightening my LinkedIn feed! (Thought it was my turn to pay it forward). And what an exquisite paradox that one of the #1 references toContinue reading “The Metaverse Revolution – and our attachment to physical books!”

[Future of the Home] QUIZ – What House Are You?

[TAKE THE QUIZ] “What house are you?” In which home environment do you live in and how could you futureproof your current housing? Take this fun 10-question quiz and download the report to check how resilient your home is. With a Strategic Foresight and Multidisciplinary approach, we have been studying our homes and home lifeContinue reading “[Future of the Home] QUIZ – What House Are You?”

Future of Health & Wellness

November 10, 4pm (PST) at “The 1,000 Day Radar”, I am hosting a panel on “The Future of Health and Wellness” with four outstanding guests: – Agathe Acchiardo, Managing Director at Think Next, a foresight and innovation consulting agency focusing on the Health sector. – Peter Fenwick, Vice President Strategy at Green Shield Canada. Catalyst to scalingContinue reading “Future of Health & Wellness”

Disrupting Existence: The Future Me!

Rewatch Roger Spitz’s lecture at #QuantumThinking2021 and the debate that follows with Sylvia Gallusser, Ligia Zotini Mazurkiewicz and Lala Deheinzelin on the topic of “Disrupting Existence: The Future Me”. We discussed possibilities offered by emerging technologies, human-tech relationships, space travel, ethics and philosophy. We wondered about our future selves, but also about our future “us”! Thank you so much Maria Athayde, Andre Chaves, and FutureContinue reading “Disrupting Existence: The Future Me!”

Future Hacker Quantum Thinking 2021

The free online event “Future Hacker Quantum Thinking 2021” takes place on July 27th. Experts from around the world involved in creating our future discuss their ideas at Future Hacker Quantum Thinking 2021. The main speakers will be: Itai Talmi, the founder of Born Partners, a company that works in innovative transformation initiatives and researchContinue reading “Future Hacker Quantum Thinking 2021”

Beyond Uncertainty: A Philosophy of the Future(s)

Join us next week at Global Foresight Summit. Foresight researcher Sylvia Gallusser will scan over centuries of philosophy to understand how the future has been addressed by philosophers. We will also investigate how philosophy provides a framework to think about the futures and augments our foresight techniques. We will eventually present applications in the field of ethics andContinue reading “Beyond Uncertainty: A Philosophy of the Future(s)”

The Pandemic Home Hotline: Contamination Anxiety

As part of a Pandemic Home project, we have developed three scenarios around three fictional patient personas. The scenarios have been turned into audio dialogues, simulating the dramatic conversation between individuals in distress at their home and mental health hotline responders. Listen here: Contamination Anxiety (The Pandemic Home Hotline) “David is 34 years of ageContinue reading “The Pandemic Home Hotline: Contamination Anxiety”

The Great, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I am very lucky and grateful to have recently joined a fantastic organization called Grey Swan Guild as a board member. Not only is it an amazing intellectual connection with futures thinkers and sensemakers from all over the world (Canada, USA, Sweden, Australia, Uruguay, etc.), but building relationships in a distance during the pandemic isContinue reading “The Great, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

A Holistic Approach to Well-Aging

In the Episode #16 Part 2 of Future Hacker, our Silicon Humanism Founder Sylvia Gallusser addresses the topics of abolishing aging, rejuvenation biotechnology, ethics in scientific progress, treatment availability and inclusivity, as well as a holistic approach of well-aging. You will find below the transcript of the conversation. Our very first international interview was with Dr. Aubrey de Grey aboutContinue reading “A Holistic Approach to Well-Aging”

Wisdom of Code

This is an excerpt of my Future Fiction piece for Fast Future Publishing, on the topic “The Future of AI – Pathways to Artificial General Intelligence”. Through the Future Fiction format, I attempt to address the following questions: Can we leverage the most advanced artificial intelligence developments in the field of politics? What would beContinue reading “Wisdom of Code”

Embracing Our Local Economy

The following text is the opening statement held by Sylvia Gallusser in defense of our local economy during the Great Grey Swan Debate. 1. We are social animals.  Do you know that song Where Everybody Knows Your Name? There is a part of us which is just like a Cheers character, who likes to have theirContinue reading “Embracing Our Local Economy”

Rethinking Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the COVID era

Whereas Early Childhood Education (0-8 year-old children) relies on cognitive development, language mobilisation in varied contexts, sensory experiences, social emotional well-being, and moral support, this model of learning has been shattered by the imposed lock-down of students all over the planet during the COVID-19 crisis. Physically distanced from their teachers and peers, living with parentsContinue reading “Rethinking Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the COVID era”

Aftershocks & Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic Future

These past months, futurists around the world have been discussing the current crisis and its anticipated consequences. I was honored to be part of the “Aftershocks & Opportunities: Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future” book by Fast Future Publishing and to take part in their series of webinars. The book is available in print and ebookContinue reading “Aftershocks & Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic Future”

The Generation Zoom Classroom

Sylvia Gallusser, Futurist & Researcher at Silicon Humanism, discusses her Future Fiction chapter, included in the collective book by Fast Future Publishing “Aftershocks & Opportunities: Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future” under the title “The Generation Zoom Classroom”. [Transcript] Hi everybody! I hope you this video finds you safe. My name is Sylvia, I am aContinue reading “The Generation Zoom Classroom”